Round connectors

Round connectors

Round connectors M8 and M12

The round connector M8 and M12 are meant for safe and effective installation.

Due to various variants of the technology for connection, it can be easily found a method to Your specific application, or which responds to Your requirements. There are connectors in straight and angle versions, with plug (male) and socket (female) electrical points with different number of poles.

The range of circular connectors:

The usage of high quality materials gives opportunity these connectors to be used in different branches of the industry: from common industrial automation to machine building.

Material for the contact: CuZn (Au) – gilded brass. This combination is used for coverings at very high requirements for the reliability of the electrical point.

The material for the socket housing is polyamide resin V0, which corresponds to a group of materials UL94V0. Material with index of V0 is hardly flammable. Its temperature of burning is circa 700 °C.

The material for sealing rings: NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) – NBR or as simplified as, nitrile rubber, is considered the standard material rings.
Sealing ring made of rubber NBR has a high resistance to swelling with respect to benzene, oils and fats.
NBR seals used in the areas with the relevant requirements, such as hydraulics, engine, engineering, oil industry, apparatus engineering.
Operating temperature range of nitrile rubber is -30°C to +100°C, briefly to +120 ° C, in a special performance to -55 ° C.

The offered round connectors have class of protection IP67 (certified in accordance with IEC 60529), which enables reliable work at dust and stands the dip under water to 1 meter for 30 minutes.