Table 1

Conductor Bare copper section 4×0,34 mm2 3×0,34 mm2 3×1,0 mm2 2×1,0 mm2
Conductors bare copper
Application Cable Alarm Flexible cable assembly
Corresponds to the standard CEI 20-40 IMQ-CPT-007
Insulation material TI1 type PVC, fire retardant according to standard CEI 20-22/II
Nominal diameter of conductor 1.3 ± 0,05 mm 2,5 ± 0,1 mm 2,65 ± 0,1 mm
Jacket material TM2 type PVC, fire retardant according to standard CEI 20-22/II
Working temperature +70°C
Nominal overall diameter 4,5 ± 0,1 mm 4,2 ± 0,1 mm 7,4 ± 0,2mm 7,3 ± 0,2mm
Average thickness of jacket 0,6 mm 0,8 mm 1,0 mm
Properties of the wire:
Nominal diameter of wire 0,10 mm 0,21 mm
Quality copper wire Cu ETP1
Electrical resistance at 20°C 56 Ом/Km 19,5 Ом/Km 18,5 Ом/Km
Number of wires 42 32

Table 2

Cable, cod Cable FROR Х1 Cable FROR Х4
Nominal cross-sectional area 3 х 0,50 mm2 2 х 0,50 mm2
Temperature range -20°C / +70°C (static application)
– 5°C / + 70°C (dynamic application)
Rated voltage 300 V
Conductor stranding 16 x 0.193 mm
Conductor material electrolytic bare copper
Electrical resistance at 20 °C ≤ 39 Ω/Km
Conductor to conductor capacitance ( 95 ± 5 ) Ω/Km
Insulation material TI1 type PVC, fire retardant according to standard CEI 20-22/II
Radial thickness of insulation ≥ 0.45 mm ( diameter on insulation : 1.85 ± 0.1 mm )
Jacket material TM2 type PVC, fire retardant according to standard CEI 20-22/II
Average thickness of jacket ≥ 0. 6 mm
Nominal overall diameter 5.3 ± 0.2 mm 5.0 ± 0.2 mm
Colour of inner conductors blue, brown, yellow-green
Jacket colour RAL shade : 7001 grey
Application Multicore flexible cable suitable for data control and data transmission fire-retardant PVC jacketed and insulated, complying with CEI 20-22/II and IEC 332/3 requirements
RoHS This cable is conform to RoHS directive

FROR – Italian cable, has specific names under Italian standard CEI UNEL 35011:

F – corda flessibile – flexible cord
R – polivinilclorudo – PVC insulation
O – anime riunite per cavo rotondo – round, not flat cable.
R – polivinilclorudo – PVC sheath

Table 3

Cable, cod Cable PVC XRN Cable PVC XPH
Colour code black Ral 9005 black Ral 9005
Ductors :A 2 x 0.75 mm2 2 x 0.75 mm2
Conductor bare copper
Insulation PVC compound
Colour code 2 conductors blue, brown
Diamete 2,15 ± 0,1 mm
Ductors :B 8 x 0.34 mm2 6 x 0.34 mm2
Conductor bare copper
Insulation PVC compound
Colour code 8 conductors white, green, yellow, grey, pink, red, black, violet 6 conductors yellow,green, grey, red, pink, white
Diameter 1,8 ± 0,1 mm
Shell Sheath PVC compound, oil resistant, flame retardant
General Properties:
Minimum bending radius 10 х D
Temperature range -30°C + 90°C (static application)
-5°C + 90°C (dynamic application)
Rated voltage 600 V
Test voltage 2000 V
Conductor resistance 0,34 mm2 ≤ 57Ω/Km max. at 20°C
0,75 mm2 ≤ 26Ω / Km max. at 20°C
Insulation resistance 100 M Ω.Km min. at 20°C
RoHS This cable is conform to RoHS directive

PVC – or Polyvinyl chloride is the most traditional isolation material. It’s a complex mixture and its qualities are highly dependent on components. PVC is usually flexible and resistant enough, it is hardly flammable (IEC 60332-1, 2, 3 C). However, it has not so good electrical parameters and it is used mainly for cable covers. PVC is suitable mainly for the internal installation.

Table 4

Cable, cod H03VV-F U1, U4, U8 H05VV-F U2, U3, U5, U6, U7
Nominal cross-sectional area from 0,5 to 0,75 mm² from 0,75 to 6,0 mm2
Conductor Bare copper, stranded
Number of cores from 2 to 7
Temperature range -5°C +70°C (dynamic application)
-40°C +70°C (static application)
Voltage Uо/U 300/500 V
Max.permissible operating voltage:
– single and three-phase AC
– DC
Uo/U 330/330V
Uo/U 495/495V
Uo/U 318/550V
Uo/U 413/825V
Test voltage 2000 V
Breakdown voltage, min 4000 V
Insulation resistance,min 20 МОм/ Km
Minimum bending radius (dynamic application) 7,5 x Ø cable
Трудновъзпламеняващ в съответствие с DIN VDE 0482-332-1-2, DIN EN 60332-1-2/IEC 60332-1 (съответства на DIN VDE 0472 част 804 вид на изпитване B)
Специална PVC-изолация на жили TI2 (DIN VDE 0281 част 1) с цветен код в съответствие със стандартите DIN VDE 0293-308

Cables H03VV-F and H05VV-F are meant for slight portable devices with low mechanical loading and for connection of domestic electrical appliances, radio and television equipment, electrical medical and laboratory devices etc.

Cables PUR W2 and PUR W6 – they are from polyurethane (PUR), with high chemical stability of oils, greases, fuels, acids, bases, microbes, solvents, hydrolysis, influence of water.

The cables are stable to ultraviolet rays and low temperatures, to the influence of change of the atmospheric conditions. The cables have high stability to wearing out and stability to mechanical damages. The material of the cover is PUR, colour – black. The material of the isolation is PVC